Jacob Cohen


I am a


Young, passionate Software Developer/Engineer dedicated to solving problems and helping the development community.

Full Stack Developer

Dedicated to solving problems using all tools available for maximum efficiency.


  • High School (contact for more information) (2018-Present)





Hours Of Development


Team count


As a full stack developer, I have many skills that work in harmony to solve problems.

Java 100%
SQL/MySQL/MongoDB 100%
Bukkit / Spigot 100%
BungeeCord 100%
Nukkit 100%
JavaScript/NodeJS/React.js/Vue.js 100%
Python 95%
C/C++/C#/.NET 90%
HTML 70%
CSS 40%
PHP 40%


More information coming soon



Innovative software developer dedicated to solving problems and creating robust solutions to fit the needs of companies and people alike.

I am a young passionate software developer from the United States. Every day I strive to be my best and I've found that software is my calling. I have been developing for 4 years, pursuing many avenues like web development, backend development, etc. I have worked alongside many talented developers who have made me who I am today, and those who I will work with in the future will continue to allow myself to improve.


Skycade Ltd.


  • SkycadeLeaderboards
    • An asynchronous PlaceholderAPI driven leaderboard for sorting and integrating custom statistics with other plugins to be displayed on any medium.
  • SkycadeHouses
    • A custom, fully functional housing system designed for Skycade.net

Projects (Working On)

  • SkycadeCore
  • SkycadeKitPvP
  • SkycadeFactions
  • SkycadeKitPvP
  • + Many More


A suite of professionally designed and develop plugins to enhance a community's experience. Click on the link below to explore.

Click here to explore


Whether it be for your company or for common 1 on 1 freelance, I offer services and work with you for the best possible outcome.

Software Development

Writing software for desktop use

Web Framework Development

Creating tailored experiences using React, Vue, or other frameworks

Spigot / Bukkit Development

Complete, fully functions, custom server solutions

BungeeCord Development

Custom BungeeCord server solutions

Nukkit Development

Custom Nukkit (Bedrock) server solutions

Full service

Entirely complete service including databases, frontend, backend, private / public APIs, etc